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About GPMS

GPMS offers a breakthrough tool for rotorcraft operators. Allowing you to continuously monitor your fleet from anywhere on one clean dashboard, Foresight’s smart sensors uncover when critical components are starting to wear and our prognostic algorithms display when repairs may be required. In addition to mechanical & engine health, our advanced HUMS tracks flight data, exceedances, and guides RTB. Foresight gives maintainers the power to predict, understand. and perform.
How It Works

Foresight's onboard system is comprised of smart sensors and advanced processing


This hardware powers a cloud-based condition monitoring dashboard that is predictive and multilayered


Our HUMS product offers a full range of features

  • Engine Performance Monitoring
  • Component Monitoring with Prognostics
  • Exceedance Monitoring
  • Flight Data Monitoring
  • Rotor Track and Balance
More About Foresight MX

The result? For operators and maintainers, GPMS provides a powerful new tool with which to predict, understand, and perform


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