Product Comparison: RMCI XRDS / Krēnō vs. Foresight MX HUMS 

Learn why operators are choosing Foresight MX for their fleet.

Foresight MX is a transformational change in capabilities and user experience compared to other HUMS solutions.  With a modern and easy-to-use interface, the ability to transmit data via cell, and a “no ground station” solution, Foresight stands clearly above other options. 

Here are 10 Questions to keep in mind when choosing a HUMS solution for your fleet.  

XRDS vs. Foresight MX

RMCI XRDS Foresight MX Advantage of Foresight
General Details
STCs Field approvals and limited STCs STC certifications on 18 model/sub-model platforms with additional platforms in work and on roadmap Publicly disclosed STCs and roadmap to provide optimized planning for HUMS deployment to various models in an operator's fleet.
Weight & Installation Time Limited data. Installed weight data only disclosed by the weight of the main component box. Installation time is not presented. Weight and estimated installation time is presented for all required equipment Publicly available information on the fully installed weight and installation time including all required components and wiring. The bused system reduces total weight and accelerates installation time.
System Overview
Functionality Vibration Health Monitoring (VHM), Usage monitoring, structural health monitoring, Flight Data Monitoring (FDM), Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) Vibration Health Monitoring, Engine Health and Performance Monitoring, Usage Monitoring, Structural Health Monitoring, Optimized Rotor Track & Balance, Flight Data Monitoring with Exceedance Monitoring A technologically advanced and comprehensive suite of HUMS, FDM, RTB, and beyond functionality ensures the best value for your dollar.
Component Health View See Images Here: Modern, intuitive interface capable of viewing on any device (PC, tablet or smartphone) and not just the groundstation.
Rotor Track and Balance Yes, but utilizes an additional blade tracking camera. Automated acquisition on each flight through multiple regimes. 1 & 2 per rev. options with a system designed to assist maintainer with adjustment selections. Automated in-flight acquisitions, more regimes, better optimization, and automated download after every flight.
Rotor Track and Balance Interface See Images Here: Modern, intuitive interface with simple RTB optimization
Remaining Useful Life Prognostics Not discussed / Unknown Advanced software provides a true predictive model with component Remaining Useful Life (RUL) estimates allowing you to optimize assets and better plan maintenance windows  Foresight operators can recognize, order parts for, plan, and "schedule" upcoming unscheduled maintenance with forward-looking Remaining Useful Life capability.
FDM Yes FDM with both Chapter 1 & customizable exceedance alerting. Display map and flight playback capability. Allows users to truly understand what happened during a flight and easily track both standard and custom exceedances.
System Availability Limited, legacy ground-station based hardware requiring downloaded software Cloud system architecture w/ browser-based user interface Operators can access Foresight from anywhere, any device (PC, phone, tablet) rather than a single local PC.
Validation & Self Monitoring   Fleet comparison views Drill-down capability for raw signal viewing together with sensor monitoring and fleet comparison views Superior fault validation and system monitoring reduces chance of false positives.
System Details
Automated Aircraft Data Transfer No Wireless (WiFi/cellular) automated data transfer that does not require separate maintenance tasks performed by personnel LTE automatically transmits and receive data from nearly anywhere through a touchless experience during aircraft shutdown. Especially crucial at non-base locations when determining the ability to fly.
Aircraft Data Transfer Method Limited to base operations using ethernet, USB, or Wi-Fi connection only when connected to the Ground Station. Wireless (WiFi/cellular) automated data, ethernet or USB Touchless data downloads with near-instant visibility.
System Architecture Traditional wiring connections Modular bused onboard wiring system Bused (vs. star) architecture reduces total wiring weight.
Specificity & Accuracy Not discussed / Unknown Distributed sensor-level processing, high resonance bracketry, and advanced algorithms Foresight is significantly more accurate than legacy systems and yields 7x fault detection to reduce false positives.
Sensor Technology IEPE accelerometers MEMS accelerometers with DO 160 testing Rugged, compliant, and highly sustainable onboard system using the most advanced sensor technology
User Experience
Notification of Warnings/Alerts Unknown / Not Discussed Any post-flight warnings or alerts automatically generate SMS and/or email notification to Foresight users Foresight users know when issues are trending and are proactively notified to take action.
Updatability & Scalability Ground-station with manual update capability. Wireless connectivity, cloud architecture, and an update-over-the-air capability. Onboard hardware is modular with expansion capability for more features. Foresight's service-based business model ensures you don't experience a "one-time buy" experience, but instead receive years of continuous support and enhancements for your fleet.
Usability   Legacy software platform user interface using legacy PC hardware ground station. Modern, intuitive interface, color coding, and normative scales available anywhere, from any device All members of a maintenance team can use HUMS, not just experts and outside consultants.
Integrations Not discussed / Unknown Modular bused onboard system enabling new functionality as needed (cameras, satellite data, etc.) Foresight stays relevant with the latest technology and contract requirements.
APIs Not discussed / Unknown Cloud-enabled APIs and export buttons APIs capable for use with online maintenance tracking systems
Location Access Individual PC deployment architecture Cloud architecture provides anywhere access to application Access your fleet health anywhere, anytime through a browser
HUMS Expertise Not discussed / Unknown Usable by line personnel With intuitive colors & normative scales (.75 = warning) simplifies HUMS review for most users.
Fleet / Aircraft User Interface Generation 1 Windows-type interface Modern web-based user-friendly interface No complex user manuals or heavy training required
System Support
Warranty & Spares Not discussed / Unknown Perpetual warranty with annual subscription Foresight users are covered through their entire subscription
Customer Support RMCI Technical Support Direct & unlimited technical support through GPMS and multiple OEM direct product support relationships GPMS has a service-first philosophy and has established deep relationships with multiple OEMs to ensure a superior holistic customer support experience.
Company Business Model Traditional avionics kit purchase plus service contract HUMS-as-a-Service based on initial setup and annual subscription Subscription model ensures long-term partnership, lower upfront cost, continued product development, and support excellence.