HUMS-as-a-Service pricing

Helicopter HUMS-as-a-Service

Delivering a next-generation HUMS through a next-generation business model.

At GPMS, we use value-based, HUMS-as-a-Service pricing.

Customer pay a recurring service fee for application access and support as well as a one-time startup fee that includes the cost of the onboard kit and initial user training.

The service and startup amounts are driven by platform-specific return estimates developed in collaboration with Conklin & de Decker. Our aim is to deliver to operators a 2X ROI (two dollars in benefit for every 1 dollar in fees) after the first year.

For customers, this approach generates uncommon benefits.

  • Ensures Foresight technology pays for itself
  • Lowers barriers to adoption and syncs operator payments to their cash flows
  • Aligns support and product development incentives

With traditional hardware pricing, you pay for a kit. With Foresight, you pay for value. And if we don’t deliver value, improve the product, and provide excellent product support, you can cancel your subscription.

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