Safety Benefits Delivered by the Foresight HUMS

Helicopter FDM for FOQA

Foresight offers integrated HFDM and HUMS to support SMS/FOQA and enhance helicopter safety.

In addition to machine condition monitoring, Foresight provides Helicopter Flight Data monitoring, capturing multiple flight parameters via an analog to digital converter (for analog aircraft) or the ARNC 429 (for digital platforms).

Postflight, data logged onboard is automatically uploaded to the Foresight cloud where Chapter 1 and operator-defined Exceedances are noted. The system can deliver push notifications via SMS or email.

In system, users can view missions and graph specific parameters. You can also download the full dataset (60+ parameters) and upload it into Xplane or comparable systems for 3D visualizations and replay. This HFDM data can support a Safety Management System and serve as as basis for a FOQA program.

The International Helicopter Safety Foundation analyzed more than 1,000 helicopter accidents and concluded that 8 initiatives would help improve safety including the implementation of Flight Data Management (FDM) programs and the implementation of Health & Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS). With Foresight, you get both capabilities in one package.

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