Product Comparison: BVHM vs. Foresight MX HUMS 

Learn why operators are choosing Foresight MX for their Bell 212, Bell 412, and Bell 429 aircraft.

Foresight MX is nearly a 20-year advancement in capabilities over the Bell Helicopter Vibration Monitoring (BHVM) system.  Not only significantly lighter and less expensive, but Foresight’s advancements in technology create a superior user experience.   Here are 10 Questions to keep in mind when choosing a HUMS solution for your fleet.

BHVM vs. Foresight MX

BHVM Foresight MX Advantage of Foresight
General Details
STC Year 2005 2021 16-year advancement in technology
Installed Weight (Bell 412) ~33 lbs. (wiring weight unconfirmed) ~16 lbs. with wiring At least 51% Reduction (17 lbs.)
Estimated Installation Time 180 hours 120 hours 55% Reduction due to Foresight MX bused architecture
System Overview
Indicators 7 Shaft and 6 Gear Condition Indicators 12 Shaft, 18 Gear, and 7 Bearing Indicators 184% (24) Increase for superior detection and indication
Fault Detection Standard detection & false-positive rate 7X superior fault detection due to advanced hardware and algorithms Superior Fault Detection for reduced false positives
HUMS Data Views Health, Condition, and Fleet comparison Health, Condition, Raw Signal, and Fleet Comparison Foresight allows maintainers to view the Raw Signal
Remaining Useful Life Prognostics No Yes Only Foresight provides forward looking RUL.
Rotor Track & Balance Basic functionality. Unless Altair Smartcycle Plus included, no regime recognition so RTB and other in-flight data acquisitions are manual via cockpit control head.  Can only be viewed after manual download. Automated acquisition on each flight through multiple regimes.  1 & 2 per rev. options with a system designed to assist maintainer with adjustment selections.   Automated in-flight acquisitions, more regimes, better optimization, and automated download after every flight
Flight Data Monitoring No FDM with both Chapter 1 & customizable exceedance alerting. Display map and flight playback capability. Only Foresight allows users to truly understand what happened during a flight and easily track both standard and custom exceedances
System Details
Pedestal Space Requirements Cockpit Control Head (CCH) and USB Receptacle None Foresight MX saves crucial pedestal space
Automated Aircraft Data Transfer No Yes Flight data is automatically transmitted within ~2 minutes of shutdown
Aircraft Data Transfer Method Manual via ethernet or USB memory stick to 1 PC Wireless (WiFi/cellular) automated data Touchless data downloads with near instant visibility
Data Acquisitions ~3 acquisitions per hour 30 RTB & 20 drivetrain acquisitions per hour through sensor level processing 1566% Increase in automated data acquisitions per hour (47)
Onboard Data Storage 0.5 GB 16 GB Flash storage (up to 64GB) provides >1000 flight hours 3100% - 12700% Increase Providing >1000 flight hours
Accelerometer Type PZT MEMS Foresight MX sensors are essentially maintenance free
Installation Bracketry Standard High Resonance Improved fault detection
User Experience
System Alerts No Email/SMS Alerts Provides near-instant notification of alerts post-aircraft shutdown
Ground Station Hardware Requires Local PC running windows-based software Access from any browser-based device (PC, Mac, Tablet or Phone); unlimited ‘ground stations’ Foresight users do not require PCs that make have software security installation/update restrictions
System Updates Limited updatability and scalability Easy updatability via Cloud and wireless connectivity Only Foresight MX has touchless maintenance updates
Integrations No Modular bused onboard system enabling new functionality as needed (cameras, satellite data, etc.) Foresight stays relevant with the latest technology and contract requirements
APIs No Yes APIs capable for use with online maintenance tracking systems
Location Access Individual PC deployment architecture Cloud architecture provides anywhere access to application Access your fleet health anywhere, anytime through a browser
User Access Single login User Permission Management Power users can grant and restrict access to various capabilities as required
HUMS Expertise Needs specialized interpretive expertise Usable by line personnel   With intuitive colors & normative scales (.75 = warning) simplifies HUMS review for most users
Fleet / Aircraft User Interface Generation 1 Windows-type interface   Modern web-based user-friendly interface No complex user manuals or heavy training required
Fleet Dashboard Only single aircraft viewable without server access Integrated fleet access Entire fleet visibility
System Support
Warranty & Spares Bell Support and Spares program. Perpetual warranty with annual subscription. Foresight users are covered through their entire subscription
Customer Support Bell Product Support Direct & unlimited technical support through GPMS and Bell Product Support Both parties are invested in the success of Foresight users
Company Business Model Hardware-focused business & pricing model w/customer sponsored PCs & server.  Limited Honeywell investment in the product HUMS-as-a-Service model lowers up front cost and ensures ongoing development and exceptional product support Foresight users are ensured excellent customer service through their annual subscription

* The comparison table above is subject to change due to improvements or updated estimates.