10 Questions to Ask When Buying a Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)

January 21 2020


Foresight takes advantages of advances in sensor technology, edge processing, cloud architecture, connectivity, user interface design, and predictive analytics to deliver a next generation product.

While we focus on the advantages of our system rather than the features and specs of other systems, we’d encourage you to ask 10 questions if you are considering a Health and Usage Monitoring System:

1. Usability – can all member of your team use the system or does it require specialized interpretation from in-house or outside experts?

2. Full Functionality – does it offer rotor track & balance, flight data w/ exceedance monitoring, and engine performance in addition to mechanical system monitoring?

3. Availability – does the system provide software access from anywhere via browser/cloud architecture or does it require a specific aircraft-to-PC connection in order to be usable? 

4. Prognostics – does it provide a true predictive model (including component Remaining Useful Life) allowing you to optimize assets and better plan maintenance windows?

5. Specificity and Accuracy – on bearings, can it identify the difference between an inner and outer race fault? does it have a history of false positives?

6. Automation – does regime recognition automate acquisitions and is the data on the aircraft moved automatically to the software via WiFi/cellular? 

7. Updates – does the system have update-over-the-air functionality that insures bugs will be fixed and improvements made?

8. Weight and Installation Time – how much does the onboard system (including all mounting hardware and cabling) weigh? How long does the system take to install?

9. Validation & Self Monitoring – Does the system enable fault validation through raw signal processing waveforms and fleet comparison views? Does it monitor its own health?

10 .Certifications and Sustainability – is the system STC certified and can the provider show you certificates,  environmental testing, and instructions for continued airworthiness?