Onboard Hardware for Data Acquisition

Smart sensors and bused architecture improves HUMS performance

Foresight MX HUMS

How It Works

  • Foresight’s proprietary accelerometers and tachometers are optimally placed on the airframe  
  • Foresight ties into flight parameters through the ARINC or analog to digital converter
  • In flight, the Onboard Control Unit uses regime recognition to drive data acquisitions
  • Upon landing, Foresight wirelessly transfers data to the cloud, making it available to the “ground station”

HUMS Kit by GPMS Foresight for installation onboard the helicotper

Why It’s Better

  • Bused wiring architecture reduces weight and speeds installation
  • Distributed processing by smart vibration sensors improves acquisition speed for accuracy
  • Digital and analog aircraft support addresses mixed fleets and older aircraft
  • Onboard WiFi/Cellular automates data transfer
  • Modular kit design enables easy replacement and expansion options
  • Remote update ability ensures always-current onboard firmware
  • STC certification and DO 160 testing provides maintainability and sustainment