Foresight MX Virtual Ground Station

Cloud software allows any device, anywhere application access

HUMS ground station

How It Works

  • Foresight’s cloud-based software ingests data acquired on the rotorcraft  
  • Algorithms drive Rotor Track & Balance, Flight Data Monitoring, and Mechanical Diagnostic functionality 
  • Prognostic algorithms add predictive capability to the system
  • Users can access the Foresight application via any browser based device (“virtual ground station”)

Foresight Health and Usage Monitoring virtual ground station


Why It’s Better

  • Foresight algorithms and onboard hardware improve machine health reporting and fault detection 
  • Intuitive user interface is designed around operational personnel not specialized experts
  • Red, orange, green color coding and normalized (0-1) Health Indicators are easy to understand
  • Standardized alert thresholds and recommendations make the HUMS interface actionable
  • Cloud architecture makes system accessible, enabling remote troubleshooting and team collaboration

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