GPMS and Helisul Achieve Brazilian STC for Foresight on Airbus H125 Helicopter Platform

August 11 2022
GPMS and Helisul Achieve Brazilian STC for Foresight on Airbus H125 Helicopter Platform

Waterbury, VT – August 11, 2022 – GPMS, which provides the helicopter industry’s most advanced Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), known as Foresight MX, announced today that the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil (ANAC) has granted a Supplemental Type Certificate for Foresight MX. The certificate was based on a prior Federal Aviation Administration STC and covers the installation of Foresight MX on the Airbus H125/AS350 B3 platform. Helisul Aviation assisted in the certification and is the first Brazilian customer to implement Foresight’s advanced HUMS capabilities.

An H125 from Helisul Aviation in action.

“We are excited to have worked with a great partner like Helisul to achieve this certification,” said Todd Powers, GPMS VP and Head of Sales. “Thanks to their help, H125 operators in Brazil can now install and utilize Foresight’s comprehensive and predictive HUMS capabilities.”

Luis Cravo, Helisul Technical Director, explained that this was an important project for the company. “We were able to work very closely with the GPMS team during the STC process and learned a lot about the capabilities of the Foresight system. With its comprehensive monitoring and predictive capabilities, Foresight will be able to provide valuable insight into the performance and health of our aircraft.”

Powers noted that this certification is an important achievement for GPMS in South America. “Brazil has a large number of H125/AS350 operators and this STC is a great first step to bringing our advanced Foresight HUMS system to operators in Brazil and throughout South America.”

“The H125 is a workhorse in our fleet and performs a variety of missions. Using Foresight on this platform is seen as an investment because it will help us increase availability, lower maintenance costs, and, of course, improve the operational safety of these aircraft,” declared Cravo.

While the H125 is one of the more popular helicopter platforms in South America, many operators like Helisul have mixed fleets. Foresight is already certified on most of the popular helicopter platforms in North America and Powers said GPMS expects similar certification and sales success throughout South America.

“Foresight is certified to deliver comprehensive aircraft and fleet monitoring for the majority of helicopters in service today in the United States,” he said. “As we continue to expand our global footprint, we will work with customers and aviation authorities to expand our list of Foresight STC’s to meet the growing demand.” To support the demand for Foresight in North and South America, GPMS recently announced the expansion of their Certified Installer Network to fifteen full-service helicopter MRO and completion centers to help ensure customer success.