GPMS Announces STC Certification For Its Foresight MX Prognostic Health Monitoring System on the Bell 407GX & Bell 407GXP

January 9 2019
GPMS Announces STC Certification For Its Foresight MX Prognostic Health Monitoring System on the Bell 407GX & Bell 407GXP

Press Release – STC on Bell 407 Helicopter for GPMS’s Foresight MX Predictive HUMS

Cornwall, VT – Green Power Monitoring Systems, Inc. (GPMS) announced its STC certification for the Foresight MX prognostic health monitoring system on the Bell 407GX and Bell 407GXP helicopter. Foresight MX is the first true prognostic health management system for helicopters and rotating industrial equipment. Follow on certifications are expected for other variants of the Bell 407 shortly.

The GPMS Foresight MX system is designed around the needs of the maintainer and operator. The system provides clear, concise, actionable information about current mechanical and operational issues, as well as predictive information on timeframes for upcoming required maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime. Importantly, Foresight MX breaks from the legacy solutions by fitting the tight budget, space and weight constraints of operators.

The Foresight MX HUMS for the Bell 407GX and Bell 407GXP helicopter is available exclusively through Aeronautical Accessories, a Bell Brand.

“The health and usage monitoring system (HUMS) in aviation is a critical component in the safety, ROI and lifespan of equipment, and yet it has been sorely neglected when it comes to modernization,” said GPMS founder and CEO, Dr. Eric Bechhoefer. “Foresight catapults the HUMS solution into the 21st century, meeting the necessary requirements around weight, cost, and simplicity. We are proud to share this achievement with Bell by making the Bell 407GX and Bell 407GXP a great first platform for the STC. GPMS much appreciates the validation that the STC represents.”

Foresight MX on the Bell 407GX and Bell 407GXP weigh in at less than 9 pounds including all hardware, cable, and mounting components. The system will reduce operational costs through advanced notification of impending maintenance requirements. It is Part 135 compliant for air medical use, and offers a full scope of functionality including mechanical diagnostics and prognostics, engine performance monitoring, exceedance monitoring, flight regime recognition, automated data acquisition, and automated, optimized solutions for rotor, track and balance. Foresight MX provides automatic alerting through email and SMS and an intuitive, simple user interface accessible through a standard web browser on a laptop, desktop, tablet or cell phone.

GPMS founder Dr. Bechhoefer is a well-known innovator in the fields of prognostic health management, HUMS, and condition monitoring. He has published well over 100 papers, holds 26 patents and has 6 patents pending in the fields.

About GPMS

Green Power Monitoring Systems, Inc. (GPMS) is expanding the market for next generation prognostic HUMS and condition monitoring systems for aviation and industrial applications.

ForesightTM offers a hardware and cloud-based platform providing unambiguous maintenance and logistics information to operators of large, medium and light helicopters at a weight and cost that fit their tough space and budget constraints. GPMS’ team has extensive experience in aviation and industrial condition monitoring.

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