Press Release: Digital AirWare and GPMS Collaborate to Bring ‘Voice of the Aircraft’ into Aviation Management Software

January 25 2021
Press Release: Digital AirWare and GPMS Collaborate to Bring ‘Voice of the Aircraft’ into Aviation Management Software

Press Release

Foresight HUMS to provide helicopter-specific inputs into Digital AirWare’s aviation maintenance tracking, operations, and safety platform

January 25, 2021: Digital AirWare and GPMS will partner to integrate aircraft-specific data from GPMS’s Foresight HUMS into Digital AirWare’s maintenance and operational software platform. The collaboration promises to deliver current flight data and live component condition status into the software, providing maintenance and safety personnel with key inputs for decision making.

CEO of Digital AirWare, Joaquin Demoreta said “As an A&P mechanic, I know HUMS technology changes the way we maintain and ensures a much needed higher level of safety in our machines. We’ve long wanted to integrate such a system with Digital AirWare and bring this tool to our customers. In GPMS we see a partner delivering accurate predictive live data that is really going to change the way we operate in this industry.”

Jed Kalkstein, President of GPMS, said “We are very excited to see Foresight’s insights being imported into Digital AirWare and delivered to operators where they live every day. We think this integration furthers what we set out to do with Foresight, namely improve readiness, cost, and safety for operators.”

Digital AirWare is a full featured Aviation Management Program encompassing 26 integrated modules combining everything from maintenance work orders to flight operations scheduling. Starting with maintenance tracking, the company used operator input to build out a powerful feature set that now serves the needs of small or mid-sized air operations. With a particular depth in public safety, the platform is dynamic and the company is highly responsive to customer needs.

GPMS’s Foresight is a predictive helicopter health monitoring system providing engine and component monitoring, rotor track and balance, and flight data monitoring with exceedance alerting. The Foresight HUMS captures parameter and sensor data onboard the aircraft. Postflight, the system automatically uploads that data to the cloud using WiFi or cellular. This system architecture enables software integrations via Application Programming Interface (API).

“Right now, Digital AirWare alerts operators of scheduled maintenance,” said Demoreta. “With Foresight, Digital AirWare can also alert them if a particular bearing is trending and needs attention in advance of TBO. This is the information needed for predictive maintenance, to minimize unplanned downtime and chip light events.”

The automatic porting of Foresight generated helicopter data into Digital Airware will also eliminate the need for manual entry, automating the completion of mission reports without manual entry.

About GPMS

GPMS offers a next generation, predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) designed to give rotorcraft operators the power to “Know it before it matters.” Its flagship Foresight™ solution provides Machine Condition Monitoring, Rotor Track and Balance, and Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring in one powerful system. Fully predictive, Foresight offers insights needed to optimize maintenance, safety and operations. GPMS has re-engineered the HUMS category to put its advantages within reach of every operator, making all helicopters smarter and more connected. To learn why today’s fleets depend on Foresight, visit