For Maintainers

Foresight is a powerful digital tool designed with aircraft maintainers in mind.

In one integrated system, Foresight delivers three areas of functionality:

  • Rotor Track and Balance with optimized solutions at the end of every flight
  • Engine and Component Monitoring with advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics
  • Flight Data Monitoring with automated Exceedance logging

Across all areas of the system Foresight works to let you ‘know it before it matters’ and provide specific recommendation that will lead to faster, easier, more efficient maintenance.

+ Machine Monitoring and Issue Alerting     >> Early detection
+ Actionable Dashboards and Displays         >> Know what you need to do
+ Advanced Diagnostics                                      >> Rapid, accurate troubleshooting and solution generation
+ Predictive Analytics                                           >> Optimal scheduling & predictive maintenance

As a cloud and browser based system, Foresight can be used for remote troubleshooting when the aircraft is away from base and can be accessed by maintainers from any device, from anywhere.

The system is easy to use and requires little manual activity. Data acquisitions and data transfer postflight both happen automatically. As one maintainer told us, “The aircraft lands and the data is just there waiting for you.”

The upshot? Foresight delivers improved availability, reduced unscheduled downtime, and lower maintenance costs.

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