HUMS for the Mil MI-8/17/171 Helicopter

Foresight MX HUMS for the Mil MI-8/17/171 Helicopter

Mi 8 Mi 17 Mi 171 HUMS Health and Usage Monitoring

Onboard Kit

Foresight MX’s onboard kit for the Mil MI 8/17/17 is scheduled for Certificate of Conformance in Q4 2021 Processing at the sensor level, it delivers exceptional sensitivity and accuracy. Foresight MX is the most advanced condition monitoring system on the market, enabling a smart, connected helicopters.

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What is Foresight MX & Why Do I Need It?

Foresight is a breakthrough tool for rotorcraft operators. Allowing you to continuously monitor your fleet from anywhere, Foresight’s smart sensors uncover when components are starting to wear and our prognostic algorithms display when maintenance may be required. In addition to mechanical & engine health, our advanced health & usage monitoring system provides FDM for your FOQA program, tracks exceedances, and automatically captures RTB data and provides optimized solutions.

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Features and Specs


Machine Condition Monitoring

  • Component vibration monitoring
  • Engine performance monitoring
  • Prognostic capability providing RUL estimates
  • Summary level Health Indicators
  • Diagnostic capability via Condition Indicators drilldown 
  • Fault validation capability via raw sensor data

Flight Data Monitoring

  • Data from avionics via ARINC or analog interface
  • Track & graph missions on 37+ parameters; 60+ on download
  • Automatic digital capture of OEM exceedances
  • Automatic capture operator defined exceedances
  • All data exportable into X-Plane for replay
  • AC 135-14B HEMS HFDM compliant

Rotor Track & Balance

  • Automatic in-flight regime recognition and acquisitions
  • Optimized adjustment available post-flight
  • Adjustments can be modified, constrained, or overridden
  • Complex adjustments (WGTS, PCRS, TABS)
  • 1/rev and 2/rev
  • No maintenance flights


  • Accessibility: Any-device, Anywhere access via cloud+browser 
  • Interpretability: By maintainer via intuitive dashboards
  • Automation: Postflight transfer upon cooldown via cellular or WiFi
  • Updatability: HW updates over the air, SW updates in cloud
  • Compliance: STC and equivalent civil aviation certifications
  • Integrations: Yes via API’S
  • Exportability: Yes, via export buttons
  • Alerting: Yes, via Email or SMS
  • Mixed Fleet Support: Digital or Analog



  • Components: 16 Smart Accelerometers, 3 Tachometers, 1 Blade Track Interface, 1 OnBoard Control Unit (OBCU) with INU/GPS
  • Interfaces: ARINC 429, CAN, RS-485, Ethernet
  • OBCU Dimensions: 7.5L x 4W x 1H (inches)
  • Mounting Methods: Majority bolted; minority clickbond studs
  • Weight & Balance: 15.27 lbs plus apx 12 lbs of cable
  • Drivetrain Acquisitions: Up to 1x per minute (configurable)
  • Number of Channels: 60+
  • Data Processing: Distributed. At sensors, OBCU and in cloud
  • Connection Architecture: Bused (vs star) architecture to save weight
  • Power Draw /  Voltage: ~1 amp avg, 4.5 amps max; 18 to 33 volt range
  • Operating Temperature: Sensors -40 – 105C; OBCU -40 – 85C
  • Data Storage: 8GB, USB Memory flash Storage
  • Self Monitoring: Yes, via sensor dashboard
  • Installation Time: ~140 hours
  • Modem: WiFi, Cellular via integrated modem
  • Hosting: AWS IoT Cloud, Optional Dedicated Ground Station
  • Security: One way encrypted connection, multipoint authentication

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