The Real Costs of Rotor Track & Balance (RTB)

May 16 2022

RTB Costs More Than You Think

For operators without Foresight MX, every RTB event is a major hassle, with expenses that add up. Most RTBs require approximately at least five flights dealing with:

  • Old, inefficient technology
  • Miscalculations & maladjustments
  • Equipment wear & tear with overnight shipping to bases
  • Lost business & customer satisfaction
  • Crew headaches
  • Valuable man-hours, fuel, & component time wasted!

With Foresight MX, tuning solutions are already calculated upon completion of every flight. So, if you make smaller more regular tuning adjustments, RTB maintenance flights may not even be required!

How much could you be saving every year in Rotor Track & Balance costs? 

Calculate your own Real Costs of Rotor Track and Balance using our Foresight Facts Guide!

Real Costs of RTB