How Foresight RTB Optimization Works  

May 11 2022
How Foresight RTB Optimization Works  

Coefficients: The Math in Rotor Track & Balance to Reduce Vibrations

Foresight MX’s Rotor Track and Balance (RTB) tool allows operators to easily optimize the performance of their aircraft while dramatically reducing costs by eliminating repetitive RTB check flights and unnecessary RTB related maintenance actions.

Tennessee Valley Authority MD530

Coefficient Development

RTB Coefficient’s are adjustment sensitivities, and they are different for every aircraft. Coefficient development involves inducing a change in vibration using each of the adjustment methods provided on the airframe, and accurately measuring the effect. These are the values that feed Foresight’s knowledge engine to produce precise RTB adjustments and accurate predictions. This allows us to create a baseline profile for each new model that can later be optimized on specific aircraft.

MD530 Cockpit View during RTB optimizationCoefficient Customization

Once Foresight is installed and the aircraft is back in service, Foresight uses the RTB adjustments made through the course of normal maintenance to fine tune that specific aircraft. With Foresight, we can selectively optimize the coefficients for individual aircraft through a convenient tool built into the web-based application. This selective optimization process ensures that we only utilize proven data and avoid erroneous coefficients commonly encountered with auto-learning systems.

Smooth Sailing – RTB Maintenance

Once the coefficients are specifically tuned, RTB optimization simply becomes part of Foresight’s comprehensive vibration monitoring and analysis. RTB data is acquired during normal operations and tuning solutions are calculated automatically after each flight. Our customers can access RTB information and adjustments through Foresight’s easy-to-use dashboard. This keeps passengers comfortable and vibrations low, preventing premature wear and tear on the aircraft. When vibration levels exceed established limits, alerts are sent via SMS or email to notify appropriate company personnel.

Foresight simplifies RTB optimization with intuitive user interface.


Helicopters are complex machines. Advanced HUMS solutions like Foresight are positioned to become a core tool of modern aviation programs to help improve safety and efficiency in helicopter operations. Watch this video to see Foresight’s RTB optimization solution in action and read our case study on how we can resolve RTB issues and save customers thousands in just “one-move”.