Health and Usage Monitoring System for Hybrid and Electrical VTOL Aircraft

June 1 2022

HUMS for Hybrid and eVTOL Aircraft

Hybrid and eVTOL aircraft are in the news now more than ever with various recent successes. It’s an exciting time with first flights, certification efforts and successes, new business ventures, and more!

🤔 Have you ever wondered how we should be thinking about measuring the health of the components of these new systems? How are they different? What challenges will there be? What actions should we be taking?

👉 Check out this great presentation discussing these topics by Christian Janke, co-written by our own Eric Bechhoefer, and presented at EASA’s Rotorcraft and VTOL Symposium in November last year.

👉Then learn more about why various eVTOL companies like Beta Technologies is collaborating with GPMS (Beta Technologies & Foresight MX) to benefit from Foresight MX, our integrated HUMS/FDM/RTB solution.