Customer Installation Report: AIRFAST Indonesia

May 4 2022

AIRFAST: Next-gen HUMS, Foresight MX installation

The AIRFAST Indonesia team is known for their innovation and safety is at the forefront of their aviation business. Operating in remote locations in Indonesia, they chose to implement the next-gen HUMS Foresight MX solution to help improve the safety of their operations and to keep their fleet of workhorses flying 

Mi-171 in Hangar

On-site Installation

For first-time, large fleet customers or those with certification efforts, we’ll typically have a team member on-site and take part in the first Foresight MX HUMS Installation. Eric Bechhoefer, our CEO and Chief Engineer, traveled last month to AIRFAST Indonesia to oversee the first installation of Foresight MX for their fleet and to work with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to get local certification for Foresight MX on this Mi-171 aircraft.  Bechhoefer explains, “It is important to us that customers get utility and value out of Foresight MX. One of the ways we do this is to ensure a good customer experience. Installation and implementation are very important for that.” 

Continuous Improvement

Bechhoefer further explains that these in-person installations allow the GPMS team to gather data and insight to further develop and evolve the Foresight MX system. On-site, we can quickly learn of any opportunities or challenges encountered during installation. Then, we can update our design and processes to make installs easier and faster in the future,” he said. “For example, we will take the lessons learned from this installation and improve Foresight MX for future Mi- series helicopter customers,” he continued 

Foresight MX installation, Mi-171

While Eric was there, AIRFAST Indonesia team successfully completed their Foresight MX next-gen HUMS Installation, performed a test flight for the DGCA, and shortly thereafter received their certification from the DGCA!   

AIRFAST Mi-171 DGCA Certification Flight

To end the trip, Eric celebrated with the AIRFAST Indonesia team. This was another successful Foresight MX HUMS installation and a great example of the lengths the GPMS team will go to ensure customer success. And, Eric is already back on the road visiting other customers to ensure their success!  

AIRFAST Indonesia Team Lunch Celebration GPMS