HUMS for AStar Helicopter Models (AS350, Airbus H125)

Foresight HUMS for AStar Helicopter Models AS350 B3, H125, AS350 B2

STC status: AS350 B3 / H125 COMPLETE

Applicable models: AS350, AS350 B3, AS350 B2, AS350 VMED, H125

HUMS HFDM for the AS350 B3 AStar Helicopter

Installation Gallery

2020-06-01 Foresight AS350 Platform Brochure

GPMS Astar AS350 STC Press Release September 3 2020

What is Foresight and why do I need it in my hangar?

Foresight is a breakthrough tool for rotorcraft operators. Allowing you to continuously monitor your fleet from anywhere, Foresight’s smart sensors uncover when components are starting to wear and our prognostic algorithms display when maintenance may be required. In addition to mechanical & engine health, our advanced health & usage monitoring system provides FDM for your FOQA program, tracks exceedances, and automatically captures RTB data and provides optimized solutions.

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