GPMS CEO Eric Bechhoefer will present at the Bell Maintainers & Operators Conference on April 24th in Hurst Texas

April 22 2019

Eric Bechhoefer will present on ‘Improving Readiness with the 407 HUMS’ at the Bell M&O Conference taking place April 23-24 in Hurst, Texas.

The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 from 14:30-15:30.

GPMS is a guest of Aeronautical Accessories, a Bell Brand, which is the exclusive distributor of the Foresight MX Health and Usage Monitoring System for the 407 Platform. Foresight has recently earned an STC on the 407 GX and 407 GXP models and the 407 GXI will soon be approved, with several other Bell models on the roadmap.

Dr. Bechhefer will talk about the core features of the system, including:

  • Vibration sensors to provide warnings when critical components need maintenance
  • Rotor Track and Balance
  • Flight Regime Recognition with Exceedance Information
  • Flight Data Monitoring
  • Engine Performance Monitoring

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