HUMS for Bell 407GX, 407GXP, 407GXi

Foresight MX HUMS for the Bell 407 GX, 407 GXP, and 407 GXi models

For operators of the Bell 407 helicopter, including the Bell 407GX, 407GXP, 407GXi.

Foresight prognostic health monitoring system has earned an STC on the Bell 407GX, the Bell 407GXP, and the 407 GXi. (407 Analog certification to follow.) The “407 HUMS” is sold exclusively through Aeronautical Accessories, a Bell brand.

HUMS for Bell 407 GX, HUMS for Bell 407 GXP, HUMS Bell 407 GXi. Health and Usage Monitoring System.

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What is Foresight and why do I need it in my hangar?

Foresight is a breakthrough Health & Usage Monitoring System for rotorcraft operators. Allowing you to continuously monitor your fleet from anywhere, Foresight’s smart sensors uncover when components are starting to wear and our prognostic algorithms display when maintenance may be required. In addition to mechanical & engine health, our next generation machine monitoring system provides FDM for your FOQA program, tracks exceedances, and automatically captures RTB data and provides optimized solutions. Foresight helps operators “know about it before it breaks and fix it before it matters.” Learn more . . .

How does Foresight differ from legacy HUMS offerings?

The original HUMS systems were introduced in the 90’s. GPMS has reengineered the category for improved data sampling speed, accuracy, weight reduction, and predictive capability. Most important, our interface is simple and intuitive with unambiguous dashboards. Cloud based, the system is easily updatable. And with pricing designed for the light helicopter market, the system is within reach of operators who have gone without for years.

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