Industrial Machine Condition Monitoring


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Anything that vibrates or rotates creates wear,
and worn parts eventually fail

Foresight gives you a window into that timeline, offering large machine operators clear, easy-to-read information that tracks performance and predicts maintenance windows for key equipment.

With smart sensors and advanced algorithms, Foresight monitors the health and performance of moving parts for industrial equipment, marine vessels, manufacturing facilities, power plants, and more. Armed with advance knowledge, operators can schedule maintenance around planned downtime, with the required parts already on hand.

One clean dashboard tracks your entire line, with cloud-based monitoring that can send alerts via email or SMS. Critical information is presented in a simple, intuitive graphic interface that gives a clear current diagnosis and predicts future performance. If desired, engineers and maintenance technicians can then drill down for more comprehensive analytics.

How It Works

Predict Maintenance

Foresight’s vibration sensors monitor live performance data, which is then processed by a series of smart algorithms. The resulting report indicates when critical components like gears, bearings and shafts are starting to wear.

With this level of smart analysis, Foresight is also able to predict when maintenance may be required. Prognostics information creates a color-coded timeline for upcoming maintenance issues, allowing operators to forecast and schedule downtime. In addition, the continuous performance data can reduce the number of maintenance inspections.

Whether you’re operating on or offshore, Foresight ensures cost-effective operations.

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Foresight MX

Foresight MX
  • The graphical interface has been designed around the maintainer for ease of use and to provide clear, unambiguous information.
  • When components show wear, Foresight removes the guesswork by providing estimates of the remaining useful life before maintenance is indicated.
  • The dashboard provides various drill-down levels. You can select a fleet wide view, organize your equipment into categories, view individual machines, or drill down to engineering data, as desired.

Foresight FX is a compact, light weight system, that is straight forward to install even where space constraints exist.